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We agree that a good painting contest can't be done with photos only.
We agree that we can't judge the quality of a model painting with only photos.
This contest is a way to share the works of our customers and that can't replace a real competition which is the real way to appreciate the work of a painter.

Our Painting Contest is only for the fun.
It's totally free and open to all our customers.


- Only Sunshine Figures busts can participate for this first contest
- To participate you have to send 4 HD photos or more (face, right side, left side and back) of your painting models by e-mail at 
- Fill with your first and last name the subject field of our e-mail. 
- Only jpg and png photo files are accepted with one color background or transparent background
- You can participate with more that one bust. Every busts will be judged individually. 
- You can use Sunshine figures Special Base or Universal Base. Wood Base or DIY base is also accepted
- All participants agree to have their photos posted on our Facebook page and on Sunshine Figures website
- The contest closing date is November 30
- We will share the winners names on our Facebook Page and on our Website at the end of December
- On request after the closing date the participants must be able to send us additional photos or/and a short video of the models. A short video with a phone is wholly acceptable.
- The contest will be canceled if less than 20 participants


Winner Prices

1ST Place - Best of Show
* Personalized Metal Sign
* One Exclusive Collector Model (more information after June)
* Two Sunshine Figures Busts with Special Bases (winner's choice) 
* One year 20% OFF on our online shop for all our products

2ND Place
* Personalized Metal Sign
* One Sunshine Figures Bust with Special Base (winner's choice)
* One year 15% OFF on our online shop on all our products

3RD Place
* Personalized Metal Sign

* One Sunshine Figures Bust (winner's choice)