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Where are so happy to open our store.
After our Kickstarter funded we have take the time to listen your comments on our models.We improved the quality of our products and sometimes we corrected small issues. 

For our European Customers we have established a depot in Belgium to be able to send our products with low shipping prices and our EU customers avoid to pay expensive import fees and customs duties.

The only way to buy Sunshine Figures products is on our Shop Online.
We don't use retailers. It's the guarantee for you to buy an original product and for us to keep total control on the sales prices and maintain good value on your investment. Our products aren't only models kits but also collector models.

We responded favorably to the request of Monkeys with Fire who will stream on his Twitch channel with The Simian Collective about our products.
Wardrock Painting has already started painting tutorial videos with our products in French and English and we are excited to watch the next videos. On his twitch channel in French few stream are available with our products.

We work on new models. New busts for our collections and our first full figure.
New artists will complete our sculptor's team soon and also we work with Invited Sculptors. New collections are coming.