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The Goblin Town is our new busts collection.
To start this new collection 3 busts are available. Johnny, Emile and Kevin.

Currently 2 new busts are already sculpted to complete this collection and they will be available in the future and probably other models will be add in the next year.
Goblin Town is of course the house of Goblins but also Giants, Gnomes, Ogres...

For this collection we worked on a fun new base. The Barrel Base.
Its a perfect base for this unique collection.

Anniversary Bundle

For the first anniversary of Sunshine Figures we propose for a limited time a special bundle with our new collection "Goblin Town".

This Special Offer expires Sunday, September 22, 2019.

The Bundle include :
Johnny Bust.
Emile Bust.
Kevin Bust.
3x Special Barrel Base.
And a Discount code to receive 20% OFF on your next order on our Online Shop (Validity 6 months). This code will be sent by e-mail.


To our US Customers orders deliveries expected end of September.

To all our European Customers orders deliveries expected is Mid October.
These products will be sent from our Belgian Depot.
Low Shipping Price, No Customs Fees, and 50% OFF on the VAT on all your orders.