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For our European Customers we have established a depot in Belgium to be able to send our products with low shipping prices and for our European Union Country (EU) customers avoid to pay expensive import fees and customs duties.
For European customers the orders will be sent from Belgium.
Orders are processed within 3-5 business days if all the products ordered are available in our depot in Belgium.

In the product descriptions we specify if a product is currently available in our Belgian Depot.

The Belgian VAT is automatically add in your basket and all other custom fees are included in the shipping price. 

For a limited time for our EU Customers we offer 50% OFF on VAT. You will pay only 10.5% VAT for your orders.
You won't have to pay for the carrier at the reception of your order. No custom fees.

We use "Mondial Relay" or "Bpost" carriers according to the destination.
Some examples of shipping prices for EU Counties for 1 kg or less package :

Belgium $6
France   $7.50
Germany $12
Italy $16
Netherlands $9
UK $12.50
Spain $12.50
Austria $16
Portugal $16